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Project nr: 21738 – 04/SI/2016

Project Designation: Door Travel – Internationalization
Project Code: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-021738
Main Objective: Promoting the internationalization of the company

Intervention Area: Center of Portugal Region
Beneficiary: DOOR TRAVEL, LDA
Approval date: 22-09-2016
Project Start: 01-09-2016
Completion Date: 28-02-2019
Total eligible cost: €508.260,00
EU financial support: €228.717,00

Project Overview:
The present project is inserted in practically all the typologies of intervention for the
internationalization, since it is a complete and truly integrated project, including fairs, the
betting on the digital component, the development of trademarks and their registration,
Market research and international marketing, as well as the introduction of new methods of
organizing their practices.