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Nature in all its splendor


The Azores archipelago consists in nine islands, is one of the most stunning destinations that Portugal has to offer.

To the east, on the islands of Santa Maria and San Miguel, beaches are warm, white sand and the natural beauties are truly fascinating, as the lagoons of the Seven Cities and “Fogo”. This is also where we can taste the famous “Baked in the Furnas’, cooked slowly inside the earth itself. In the central group, the islands of São Jorge, Terceira, Pico, Faial and the Graciosa you can enjoy the fauna and flora that make all of the Azores a unique and enchanting destination. By the blue of the sea, you can find Whales and Dolphins, the stunning floral landscape where the hydrangeas stand out and the Capelinhos´s volcano that being extinct, reminds us the moon surface. This is also where you will find the highest point in Portugal, located on the island of Pico. In the western group, the islands of Flores and Corvo, stand out by their beauty, natural waterfalls and lakes carved by volcanic activity.